The Day Our Journey Began - Gift For Couples Custom Photo Calendar Personalized Aluminum Wallet Card

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Crafted with precision and clarity, this personalized Aluminum Wallet Card offers a unique way to showcase your shared moments. Add a touch of personalization with your names, photos, or a significant date to make it uniquely yours.

This Aluminum Wallet Card is great for your anniversary, birthday, or any time you want to show your love to your partner. Sweetest way to tell your partner how much they mean to you!Perfect gift for Girlfriend and Boyfriend, GF and BF, Couples, Wife and Husband, Spouses, Bride and Groom, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Engagement, Honeymoon, Proposal, Wedding Anniversary, Long Distance Relationship etc.

Product Details
  • Material: high-quality brushed aluminum
  • Dimension: 3.30 x 2.125 in / 8.4x5.4 cm (About the size of a credit card)
  • Features: One-sided printing.
  • Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effects.

  • Please allow 0.5-2 mm differences due to manual measurement.

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