I Will Carry You With Me Until I See You Again - Personalized LED Walnut Night Light

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This 3D LED walnut night light is an adorable decoration item in your room during the day with a cozy look and can help you create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. It sparkles the room in the night with its light, like a touch by a magic wand. It is also a heavenly amazing gift for your precious ones and suitable for all different occasions.

Product details:

  • Dimensions (WxH): including the wood stand

    • 4x6 in (10x15 cm)

  • Material: Made of see-through acrylic.

  • Features:

    • One-sided printed, the other side is reflected backward.

    • Have a switch for easy on/off and brightness adjustment.

    • It works with desktop computers, laptops, and power banks with USB input.

  • Package:

    • 1 acrylic plaque + 1 wood stand + 1 USB Type A.

    • Wall charger is NOT included.


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