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YOUR DREAM GIFT: Whichever way your day flows, this love lock reminds its owner with the text it has. This love lock is avaliable for engraving on both side, depending on your needs. No matter your own text or your logo could been engraved, keeping it right by your side.

Feature:Whether you prefer use it as a real lock, souvenir, travel gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, this love lock is easy to carry on. A love lock with quote and a gift box, it can been shown at any occasion, you can easily carry your love lock to the place you plan for honeymoon travel or anniversary trip.

  • Material: Metal, Zinc Alloy.
  • One Bead Size: 1.2inches*1.5inches
  • Gift for: Husband, Best friend,Boyfriend,Wife,Girlfriend,Couple
  • Festival&Occasion: Birthday Gift, Valentine's Day, Daily, Anniversary Gift, Christmas Gift.

Sending gift with a personal touch. The sentiment with the gift will let your recipient know that they're in your thought and in your heart. 


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